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Electronic Design

Turn your ideas into market-ready
products with our end-to-end
electronic development services.

  • Circuit design and schematic capture

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout and manufacturing support

  • Electronic Design for manufacturability and cost optimization

Elevate your project’s reliability and performance with our detailed simulation and testing services. Our testing protocols include functional, performance, and stress testing to identify and mitigate potential issues early in development.

  • SPICE circuit simulations

  • Thorough functional and performance testing

  • EMC pre-compliance testing

“Our ongoing partnership with wirecube continues to be a great success. Their expertise and support have consistently enhanced our projects. Working with them both as partners and customers has always been rewarding.”
Stefan Fizko, Project manager international, umdasch The Store Makers
  • Embedded software in C/C++ for various microcontrollers & processors

  • Robust testing and debugging for reliability and efficiency

Benefit from comprehensive product development that takes you from the initial idea to final production, ensuring a seamless and successful product launch.

  • Innovative product design and prototyping

  • Holistic project management and coordination

  • Manufacturing and production support for seamless market transitions

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