How can AI serve the labor movement instead of putting jobs at risk?

This post explains how the transparent and user-oriented implementation of AI can drastically improve information processing and communication and thus better inform and empower employees. You will also learn how wirecube, in cooperation with ÖGB-Verlag, is putting this goal into practice: Using large language models to support experts and consistently provide employees with legal information. 

When it comes to AI, transparency and user orientation are not optional embellishments but basic requirements. Especially when dealing with critical and complex data, such as information derived from government institutions. Users must be able to understand how decisions are made in order to use AI safely and confidently. The final decision must always remain with the user.” 

Florian Becker
CEO wirecube

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Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models Simply Explained

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) machines are able to perform tasks such as decision-making and language processing, which until now were reserved for humans only.  

Large language models (LLMs) are advanced AI systems that get trained with large amounts of text, so they can understand and generate human-like language. They are capable of working on tasks such as translation or text generation but can also answer questions. 

These advancements are paving the way for unprecedented possibilities, making AI an indispensable tool in many industries. 

Artificial Intelligence: A New Era of Information Accessibility

In the midst of technological change, artificial intelligence is no longer just an abstract topic to be discussed at innovation conferences—it’s already influencing the way we learn, work, and interact.  

Artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically improve access to information by efficiently analyzing large amounts of data and quickly extracting relevant content. 

It creates new possibilities for AI-supported education and personalized information platforms that can be tailored specifically to users’ individual needs. And since large language models can be used with natural language, interactions are extremely easy.

That’s why AI has the potential to transform education, work and the daily exchange of information by breaking down barriers and making information more accessible and understandable to everyone.

large language models and artificial intelligence for labor movement wirecube software engineering

Decoding Legal Language: Our AI Project Unveiled

For our project with ÖGB-Verlag, we are using advanced AI, particularly large language models, to improve accessibility and employees’ understanding of legal documents. Ou goal is to harness the potential of artificial intelligence in an area that affects everyone: worker’s rights.  

ai project large language models for labor empowerment wirecube and oegb verlag

In such use cases, it’s essential to focus not only on the technology itself but also on user experience design—a factor that cannot be neglected. Users need good UX-Design to understand the processes and outputs of AI, so that they can trust and generally accept the technology in the first place. 

Our first step is to integrate LLM technologies into the digital collection of legal texts called As a result, complex legalese gets simplified, and legal texts can both be summarized and found more quickly.  

Experts can use the integrated AI to create and revise summaries of collective agreements and legal texts more efficiently. It generates suggestions in order to provide them with a solid foundation of information, a sort of starting point for them to leverage their in-depth knowledge and experience.

The sources are, of course, always disclosed, and the final decision always remains with the user, in this case the expert. 

This approach centers user needs and ensures AI remains a supporting tool capable of simplifying German legal texts and improving workflow efficiency. Thus, it can both strengthen the workers’ movement and support legal experts in their editorial work. 

Since we have a lot of experience with information processing for public institutions, we know how important transparency and accuracy are in this context. In practice, AI systems must meet the relevant requirements. Even though many people assume differently, they should not be fully autonomous but always monitored by experts to ensure their reliability. 

Florian Becker
CEO wirecube

Our AI Project: What You Need to Know

AI project wirecube oegb verlag empowering the labor movement through ai

One of the central goals of the initiative is to communicate and protect workers’ rights more effectively. With the help of AI technologies, we want to remove digital barriers and make complex content more accessible. In this way, the project gives workers a stronger voice and uses AI to solve actual problems. 

Our combination of advanced AI technology and intuitive UX design creates a seamless and understandable user experience while ensuring a transparent approach to AI.  

Artificial intelligence is changing not only the way we work but also how we make information accessible. Our cooperation with ÖGB-Verlag is proof that AI solutions—used correctly—can solve actual problems in real-life scenarios.

Florian Becker
CEO wirecube

Empowering Users: Trustworthy AI through Transparency

In this day and age, complex systems are only accessible if they are designed to be understood and used by everyone. However, the often criticized “black box” nature of AI, which makes it difficult to understand how machine decisions are made, poses a major challenge in this regard. 

It can lead to mistrust and hinder access to such services, especially when it comes to important tasks like getting legal information. Through our partnership with ÖGB-Verlag, we are addressing these challenges head-on: 

We are developing a platform that uses AI to make legal documents not only more accessible, but also more understandable. Furthermore, we ensure that users can grasp the decision-making processes of the system by using transparent technologies. 

Through the continuous monitoring of our AI models and strict control of quality and input, we minimize common concerns about the software, such as false statements or misinterpretations.  

Additionally, we always disclose AI generated answers as what they are, and state which sources were used to create the displayed information. This transparency fosters trust and allows users to fully understand and evaluate the data and analytics provided by AI. 

At the same time, we adhere to the highest standards of transparency and data protection, and all data is processed and stored exclusively in Europe. Our goal is to ensure that the digital platform provides a clear, fair, and inclusive experience. 

UX design plays a crucial role in this—it creates a user-friendly interface that promotes transparency and builds trust. Users can be sure that AI technology is actually helping them, and that the presented legal information is indeed reliable and correct. 

To reiterate: The final decision always remains with the users. They can review provided answers and then decide on how to proceed with the output of AI. This way, AI turns into a supporting tool for employees and experts, not a fully automated solution. 

Our mission is to empower employees with AI by presenting legal texts in a clear and understandable manner. Together with ÖGB-Verlag, we are working to ensure that everyone feels as at home in the world of law as we feel at home in the world of technology.

Florian Becker
CEO wirecube

The initiative is based on the latest developments in natural language processing (NLP) and uses large language models that also power systems such as ChatGPT. Such technologies make it possible to efficiently process large amounts of complex texts. 

We are using these models to refine searches and precisely analyze legal texts. With their help, information can be processed faster and communicated more clearly.  

Our in-depth knowledge in the field of ‘UX for AI‘ ensures an intuitive and user-friendly design of the interface, which simplifies interaction with AI technology for all users.


Transparent and ethical AI solutions like this show how technological progress can go hand in hand with the protection and promotion of user interests.  

This project is an example of the responsible and conscious use of AI and large language models in Austrian institutions. We are confident that the initiative will make it easier for users to understand and access legal information as well as help them understand and protect their rights. 

Florian Becker

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