Hey, Graz! We’ve painted the city in cyber – again! We’re excited to share our latest adventure in legacy media with you. As you might have noticed, we’ve launched a brand-new billboard campaign.

Developers Use Ad-blockers

Last year, we dabbled in billboards for the first time, and it definitely created some buzz and a lot of positive feedback. Our slogan “because developers use ad-blockers” got people talking, and, of course, we loved that. It was a nod to our fellow tech-savvy individuals who know how to dodge those annoying online ads. We figured if you’re using ad-blockers, social media ads might not be the best way to reach you, right?

Great Minds Code Alike

But that’s not all we had up our sleeves last year. We also proudly showcased the slogan “great minds code alike”. It was another way of celebrating the unity of developers and our shared passion for all things code. We are looking for like-minded people to join us in creating the digital future.

Out with the old, in with the new – for the most part

Well, fast forward to this year, and we’re at it again – taking our billboards to a whole new level. We’ve got not one, not two, but three cheeky slogans that are turning heads on the streets: our staple “because developers use ad-blockers” has made a comeback, because developers really do still use ad-blockers. And then there’s the two newbies “Softwareg’schichten und Cybersachen” and “the internet is for !*#%”. Yes, you read that right, but wait, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Internet is for !*#%

For us at wirecube, the internet is not just a place for cat videos or, you know.. (although we enjoy all of that too!). It’s our playground, our workbench, and the canvas where we create technological wonders. Those slogans all reflect our passion for tech and the ever-evolving digital world. We’re not afraid to stand out and be different, and our billboard campaign is a testament to that.

Softwareg’schichten und Cybersachen

But that’s not all! “Softwareg’schichtn und Cybersachen,” you might have guessed it, is a playful reference to the Austrian dating show “Liebesg’schichtn und Heiratssachen.” We know and love our roots, and we’re embracing the local culture with a twist. And maybe, we really are your perfect match as an employer?

Now, you might wonder why we chose billboards over social media ads. Well, the answer is simple: we’re reaching out directly to you, our fellow developers and tech enthusiasts! We know that ad-blockers are your best friends, and we feel you.

Our approach might be unconventional, but that’s who we are – innovative, bold, and always ready to embrace new challenges. We believe in thinking outside the box, and our billboard campaign reflects just that.

So, if you’re a developer with a passion for technology, a love for quirky campaigns, and a knack for embracing the unconventional, then come join us. Our billboards are out there, and we can’t wait to welcome you in here!

And remember: the internet is for anything and everything, and we’re your perfect match if you still use ad blockers.

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