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We have the solution

With our broad experience, we accompany you along the entire journey from your challenge to a tailor-made solution.

Consulting | Experience and Platform Building | Custom Cloud Software | AI-powered Solutions


We see people and technology in a constant dialogue. So let’s talk. About your ideas, about technology and about the added value that can be gained from it.


We let you draw from our interdisciplinary pool of experience in technology, business and science to set the right course for your project.

Cloud & Big-Data

We specialize in transforming innovative technologies into robust systems for productive use and can look back on successful projects in retail and industry. Whether it is the major cloud providers or a private cloud, we reliably navigate you to your destination.

Retail-Tech & Payment

Due to digitalization, there are hardly any areas that have changed and will continue to change as drastically as retail technology and payment. It is precisely these two areas that are linked by our shopreme Scan & Go solution. We have already successfully implemented our solution with many well-known retailers and would like to share our experience.

Building Digital Experiences & Platforms

We support you from the idea to the conception and the selection of suitable tools all the way to the successful launch – and beyond.

MObile First  Authentically Mobile

We create solutions from scratch based on the ‘authentically mobile’ principle, which are not only compatible with mobile devices, but also focus on cross-device user experiences as a key design element.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Our team specializes in the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager and we are proud to be the first European team to have successfully launched a project with the latest product of the Experience family – AEM as a Cloud Service: Relaunch on Adobe Experience Cloud

Experience Driven commerce

We develop innovative systems that can meet the rapid changes in retail and create unprecedented shopping experiences for your customers. Dissolving the boundaries between offline and online is our key motive.

Custom Cloud Software

Our team specializes in cloud application development, whether it is for big data processing or web applications that remain available globally and efficiently for large and small scale traffic.


For our solutions, successfully handling large amounts of data is a given, and our experienced team uses the latest technologies and tools for this purpose. We prepare your data and help you to achieve the crucial advantage in information.

Robust Systems

While we rely on the latest tools and technologies in the ML field, we are always focused on developing systems for stable production operation. Unlike many others in the industry, we do not conclude our work with a proof-of-concept prototype, but rather develop systems that are fully ready for production use.

AI-powered Solutions

We develop and integrate customized solutions to increase operational efficiency and revenue growth. Our innovative, data-driven approaches combined with user-friendly operation help our clients stand out from the competition. 

Machine learning

The future is written in software and next generation systems allow you to draw new conclusions and create solutions based on your existing data. We can support you with our years of experience in creating machine learning systems for the industrial environment. 

Artificial intelligence

Our solutions leverage the latest AI technologies, such as Large Language Models (LLMS), to deliver real value to the end user. Whether you’re looking to improve customer interactions or automate business processes, together we’ll build a strategy that meets your specific needs. 

Human first

As we develop our technologies, we ensure that we keep the human being at the center. By combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with human expertise and making AI decisions transparent, we ensure that our systems remain understandable. Our technologies are designed to augment human capabilities, not replace them.