2022 was a good one – if you ask us. Last year, we were able to recruit many new employees to meet the booming demand for our services. In the course of this, we also doubled our office space. After the new space was created, we also initiated several large-scale billboard campaigns to find even more technology enthusiasts and digital experts who wanted to work with us on developing promising solutions for the IT industry.

The best location, now twice the size

Our location in the heart of Graz leaves nothing to be desired (neither for us, nor for our employees): Software engineers in Graz receive the best education – so our applicants already come to us with the best equipment.

And those who end up working with us can enjoy plenty of space to develop creative ideas and the latest technical equipment (which, of course, you can put together yourself) in our two-story premises. Short, climate-friendly commutes and perfect infrastructure are the icing on the cake.

Face to face towards the best ideas

Digital solutions are in greater demand than ever before. For us as a young team, this means not only new projects, as mentioned above, but also a constantly increasing need for personnel. “We’ve grown so much in the last two years that we’ve had to sit in the kitchen for meetings at times because all the rooms were occupied,” says Florian Becker. “Personal interaction on site is particularly important to us. It’s often during breakfast or lunch together that the best ideas emerge. So we had to find a solution that would ensure that our employees would still enjoy coming to the office.”

Food & fun for fresh ideas

How did we manage this? The expansion to two floors now offers space for a new, large lounge area, which invites you to exchange the latest ideas with your colleagues over a cup of coffee.

Of course, our headquarters continues to shine with state-of-the-art equipment, and the offices are comfortably furnished with sofas and decorative plants. Arcade games, free drinks and sweets create an atmosphere in which concentrated work and relaxation go hand in hand, which is also ensured by our popular free massages. And in summer, you can enjoy some ice cream and a cool drink on the sunny roof terrace.

Passion for Technology

Passion for technology – in 2015, this common ground drove our three founders to create a work environment that met their own standards. “Our goal was to build a company where we ourselves would like to work – where people know what developers need in order to reach their full potential. A company where everyone’s input is valued and individual strengths are encouraged. Since we couldn’t find that anywhere, we ended up taking the whole thing into our own hands,” the wirecube founders recall.

“The strong development in 2022 has now shown that the market proves us right and that the decision we made back then was definitely the right one.”

… and in 2023?

With a team that has increased sixfold since 2015, renowned customers throughout Europe, and motivated colleagues as far as the eye can see – how will the journey continue? “We couldn’t ask for better business and more exciting projects,” says Florian Burgstaller. “Our plan is therefore to continue to steadily grow our team and expand in all areas until the end of 2023. It is very important to us that we do this with great care – with our very thorough selection process, we ensure that new colleagues do not only fit in with us on a professional, but also also a personal level.”

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