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shopreme Scan & Go

ABOUt the project 

After several e-commerce projects had already been successfully implemented at wirecube, the idea was born to bring the advantages of online shopping to stationary retail as well. 
After an extensive review of the market, during which it became apparent that no solutions were yet offered in this area, initial concepts were created to prove feasibility. 
The idea of the product was to provide the end customer with an app with which products can be scanned and paid for without having to queue at a cash register. 
After the initial implementation phase, version 1.0 of shopreme Scan & Go was ready for the market and a first customer was quickly found with BILLA Austria. 
Today, shopreme is one of the European market leaders in the Scan & Go sector with customers such as Douglas, BILLA, REWE, Möbelix or Munich Airport and continues to expand very successfully. 


Digitizing payment and invoicing entirely was not only a technical challenge, but above all a regulatory one.
shopreme is the first Austrian provider that is able to issue a legally compliant digitally signed invoice.

As shopreme Scan & Go mobile self-checkout solutions were completely new at the time of development, all UI/UX concept and elements also had to be constructed from scratch.

In order to make the integration of additional retailers as simple as possible, a uniform API was developed with which external components such as online checkouts or ERP systems can be connected.


The shopreme ecosystem includes a variety of standalone components for the different use cases that are offered to retailers in the sales process.